Help PSD Arry run again

Ned’s Wish is holding a Fundraiser for PSD Arry.

Ned’s Wish would like to introduce one of our Retired Heroes in need of your support. PSD Arry, a 9-year-old Belgian Malinois, who served with Chatham-Kent Police Service until his retirement in 2019. While working, Arry was a very accomplished police service dog, selflessly serving his community with passion and dedication.

In 2019, Arry had a surgery on his left knee for a damaged cruciate ligament due to demands of his job as a police dog. In humans, his surgery would be equivalent to the ACL repair. While Arry fully recovered from the surgery, he retired from his career with the police shortly after.

Just before Christmas 2021, Arry underwent the same surgery to repair the stability of his other knee. This often happens due to many factors, one of which is additional pressure and compensation by the good knee. This advanced surgery is performed by a board certified surgeon and costs around $4000. Arry has a long way to a full recovery as he still has 12-16 weeks of rehabilitation to complete, however; his prognosis looks very good.

Ned’s Wish is holding a fundraiser to help Arry run again and we would greatly appreciate your help. We hope to raise $4000 in the next three weeks to help support this Ned’s Wish Hero in need.

All funds raised through this fundraiser will go directly towards supporting Arry’s medical bills. Should we exceed our goal, the additional funds will be used to support our many other registered Heroes.