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Brando – Part 4: Radiation

Brando completed a 4 week low dose course of radiation with the wonderful folks at VCA Canada Animal Hospitals with Dr Katherine Sweet and her fantastic team. His treatment started on December 6, however the previous week Brando went in for a CT scan. This was to get an updated view of the treatment site post surgery, and also take impressions for the custom bite plate Brando would require for the rest of his treatment.

Brando was required to stay in Calgary during the weeks of his daily treatments (due to the distance from home), so became quite the favourite guest in the radiation and ICU departments. I’m sure they miss his high pitched squeak barks and snuggles now that his treatment is complete! Brando was able to come home for a week during Christmas, and a few weekends during his treatment.

Because the patient has to be completely still during treatment, Brando was under anesthesia each day, and carefully placed on his custom bite plate. Once all adjustments were completed (which can take up to an hour), the treatments themselves only took a few minutes.

Side effects from this treatment are typically very low risk, but complications do occur. Brando suffered lethargy, slower digestion which caused a few vomiting episodes, and two further bouts of aspiration pnemonia. We will have a special post about the aspiration pnemonia, but both that and his slower digestion were resolved with medication and very careful care from both VCA Canada Animal Hospitals and Pulse Veterinary.

Stay tuned for part 5!