Brando – Part 3: Surgery

Brando – Part 3: Surgery

Retired Hero Brando had brain surgery on November 17 under the capable hands of Dr Casey Smith of Pulse Veterinary.

This risky surgery was part one of a two part treatment plan for Brando’s meningioma detailed in our part 1 and 2 posts. Dr Smith worked very hard on Brando, keeping his safety forefront in her mind through out the entire surgery. Despite a bleed early on that took some time to control, her expertise guided Brando successfully through the surgery, and allowed her to excise the majority of his tumour safely. He woke up a few hours later, and remained in the ICU for several days post surgery for round the clock care. This was also necessary to determine if Brando suffered any neurological deficits resulting from the surgery that would affect his quality of life.

While Brando did suffer a bout of pneumonia after his surgery, his Pulse Veterinary critical care team (with a special thanks to Dr Tong for all her hard work) were able to treat him very effectively early on, so Brando could finish recovering at home. From surgery, to aftercare, to sending him home, the Neurology and ICU teams at Pulse Veterinary made sure Brando was well taken care of.

Brando was able to return home on November 21, to finish recovering with his mom, until it was time to start his radiation.

Stay tuned for Part 4!