Brando – Part 5: Treatment side effects

Brando – Part 5: Treatment side effects

Did you know? Aspiration pneumonia is an extremely common side effect of dogs who have had brain surgery. Thankfully for our retired hero Brando, his treatment teams did know that, and gave our sweet boy every advantage possible to get him through not one, not two, but THREE bouts of aspiration pneumonia post surgery.

His first bout happened during his post surgery stay at @pulseveterinary. Because of the treatment plan already in place, it was very mild and resolved quickly.

His second bout occurred at @vcacanada.westernvet. Anyone who knows our Brando, knows he’s…. A bit of a show off, and REALLY likes his food. In an episode of poor decision making reserved for tough guys doing crazy things to impress the ladies, Brando decided to inhale his entire food bowl at once just to show he could, and ended up choking and aspirating resulting in… you guessed it, pneumonia. Dr Sweet and her team congratulated Brando on his skills, quietly requested a slow feeder bowl so as not to hurt his feelings, and put him back on antibiotics to clear up what ailed him. Brando rated the experience: “10/10 would try again, you shoulda seen the ladies flock when I did my choking trick. I am so cool.”

His final bout occurred a day or so after he came home for the first time, during his Christmas break week. Brando started feeling crummy and lethargic overnight, then quickly developed a cough and refused to eat. He was rushed to @pulseveterinary where his favourite ICU person, Dr Tong, took over his care. Dr Tong recommended high flow oxygen and a tracheal wash test this time round, as it was more severe than before and she suspected the infection had become resistant to the antibiotics previously used. As you can tell from the picture, Brando didn’t seem in the least put out by any of this, and was just happy to chill and hang out with his friends at Pulse ICU. Dr Tong determined that his infection was indeed resistant and prescribed more appropriate medication to get him back on track. After a quick three day stay, Brando was back in fighting shape and able to enjoy Christmas with his family!

Not that it’s a surprise to any of us here at Ned’s Wish, but, this clearly shows what a fighter Brando is and we are so happy his determination has seen him through treatment and back home to his family. Go Brando!!