Meet Our Retired Hero PSD Clive

Meet Our Retired Hero PSD Clive

We are BARKING with joy that we get to share with you the journey of our retired hero PSDClive!

Clive was born in Innisfail, Alberta, and entered into the Puppy Imprinting program with Cst. Matt Young (Cool side note… Clive started his career with Matt and ended up retiring to have Matt and his wife Leah become his Pawfect Parents! Life comes full circle, just like a good tail chase!) Clive was posted to Williams Lake, BC where he followed his nose around Central and Northern BC with his sidekick Cpl.Gord Rutherford. Clive, being the tracking extraordinaire he is, was involved in the tracking and rescue of a senior with Alzhiemers who had wandered from their home and gotten lost in the middle of winter. Once Clive and handler Gord located him, they carried him out of the area in deep snow to safety. Clive knew at that moment, saving a life was even cooler than catching criminals! 

Clive was medically retired due to some spinal issues, which has caused him to have a weak hind end and impaired hind legs. This has affected his mobility, but it hasn’t slowed him down much, as you will notice in his pictures! He was also diagnosed with Pannus which is an eye disease that can cause blindness when not well controlled Often working dogs have to be retired due to the progression of this disease. Although not a cause for retirement, Clive was also diagnosed as having a malfunctioning thyroid a few years back.
Recently Clive has had a few medical setbacks which we don’t like to hear about at Ned’s Wish, but are grateful to be able to support him and his family. He was recently diagnosed with early kidney disease and his family was in the process of figuring out the best management to slow down this chronic progressive disease when he was hospitalized for dehydration due to a stomach bug.  He seemed to bounce back after his excellent vet care with Dr. Jenny Thompson, but unfortunately that wasn’t the end of his worries.  Despite him feeling almost back to normal, he had a scheduled abdominal ultrasound to see if there was an underlying reason for his tummy upset. The ultrasound revealed a mass sitting on his spleen. It is highly likely this is a cancerous mass given his age and breed.  It would be called a Splenic Hemangiosarcoma. His family has decided to not pursue aggressive treatment including surgery and chemotherapy, instead opting to enjoy every healthy moment with him, for as much time as that may be. 

Even with all of that happening, Clive has the world by the TAIL! Since his retirement, he has been enjoying PAWSH stays at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver, Seattle & Whistler. Clive signals for his welcome cookie by placing his paws on the counter, waits for room service to deliver his bed (even if it’s two sizes too small) and convinces the shuttle driver to let him hangout in his BMW!

Clive has also been seen sporting his life jacket all around Okanagan Lake enjoying a good swim, or nesting over his toys like a chicken with an egg!

Clive brings so much joy to everyone and loves to travel everywhere meeting new friends along the way! We know Clive is so grateful to enjoy his retirement as pain free as possible!Enjoy your retirement Clive! Your bravery and loyalty will not be forgotten!!