Happy International Dog Day

Happy International Dog Day

Did you know that August 26 is known as the International Dog Day!

It is widely known that dogs are a hooman’s BEST friend, so WHY not celebrate them!

People have a long history of cohabitation with dogs.  Today, dogs’ contribution to our society goes beyond providing comfort and companionship.  Dogs put their lives on the line to assist law enforcement agencies track down dangerous criminals, and innocent victims, evidence, human remains, bombs, drugs and provide safety to the victims of crimes.

We at Ned’s Wish would like to recognise their contribution and their devotion to the work they do for their communities.   We would like to salute all working and retired K-9 heroes one dog at a time.  We couldn’t be more proud to support and be there for them when they need our help.

Ned’s Wish has helped many dogs over the years, but our latest dog in need is PSD Dag.  With your help Ned’s Wish was able to save Dad’s life.  Dag had to undergo a surgery to clear a nasty infection in his lungs, and we are very pleased to announce that he has been released from the hospital to recover at home with his human family.  The cost of Dag’s medical care was nearly $16,000 dollars and it is because of generous donations of dog lovers like you, we raised $4500.  If you would like to help reach our goal of raising $16,000 please consider donating: https://nedswish.com/help-psd-dag-get-well/  After catching over a 100 bad guys, we think he is worth every penny.  Thank you!

We would love to thank all those who have sent their healthy thoughts, good vibes and funds to support Dag.  For those who are still considering doing a good deed, this is a perfect way to contribute to the well being of a dog, who dedicated his life to protect us.

So on August 26, we would like to celebrate the dogs and the humans that love and support them!  Please give your pooch huge cuddles and spoil them until they squeal with joy.