Tribute to Falk

Tribute to Falk

In July shortly after retiring, one of our heroes, PSD Falk Reg # 980, passed away with his handler at his side. 

Falk hadn’t been feeling very well for several weeks prior to his passing and was rapidly losing weight and couldn’t keep his food down.   His handler and veterinarian tried different treatments for the most common causes,  to no avail.  Unfortunately he worsened suddenly and ended up in an emergency hospital, where he stayed overnight for hydration, testing and further consultation with specialists.  He was diagnosed with protein losing enteropathy which can happen for a variety of reasons.  In his case the mostly likely issue was a bad type of gut cancer called lymphoma. 

Falk served the citizens of the Lower Mainland in British Columbia for nearly 8 years from 2014 to this year. He and his handler worked together covering Hope to Pemberton, and all points in between.  Falk worked with the RCMP but was officially a New Westminster Police Department dog.  

Falk was a very courageous police dog, never hesitating to confront violence, in order to protect his handler and the other officers on scenes.  He was fearless in situations where he was protecting citizens.    Falk had a very keen ability to track and help locate people in various states of distress, at one point locating someone who was completely submerged in water.  On his last call for service, Falk successfully tracked and located a suicidal person.  The impact that Falk made on the Lower Mainland was great. 

When he wasn’t in work mode Falk enjoyed food, maybe a bit too much! If there was food to be found, Falk would find it!  He loved food so much, on many occasions he would sneak into his handler’s kitchen and raid the pantry, devouring as many tasty treats before he was caught!    Falk also liked to play dress up with his humans, sporting bunny ears one Easter.  

Falk was diagnosed early on in his career with a disease that afflicts many German Shepherds, called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.  This is a very debilitating disease, but Falk’s handler was able to manage the disease and keep Falk healthy and happy so he could keep doing what he loved, being a police dog.      Falk will be missed by many, but by his trusted partner the most.   

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