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Tribute for Dave

Ned’s Wish wants to honour the life of our Legendary Hero, Retired PSD Dave, Reg # 927.

While PSD Dave was Alberta bred in Innisfail as part of the RCMP program, he served most of his career in British Columbia.  Dave was born on January 15, 2011 and was a giant of a dog with a huge personality. 

Dave and his handler were trained and specialised in both the Marine Operations & Emergency Response Team (ERT) and they were routinely deployed on drug interdiction & maritime assault missions.  

Where Dave’s story becomes extra special is when he tracked down an innocent victim of abduction & extortion.  The victim was dragged into the woods at night and left there, tied up, to die.  Dave was able to track his scent and save his life.  The person PSD Dave saved became Dave’s new partner in retirement!  Dave continued to provide an immeasurable service of safety, security, and comfort to his new best friend.

In his retirement, Dave loved swimming and we lovingly nicknamed him Scuba Dave.  As intense as Dave was throughout his policing career, in his retirement, he would never pass up the opportunity to cuddle with his human family.  

Thank you for your service Dave, you are a true Legend. We celebrate your life with honour and pride.  You left a huge paw print on the lives of many and a gaping hole in our hearts.

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