Tribute for Beatrix/Binx

Tribute for Beatrix/Binx

We are very sad to announce the loss of PSD Beatrix, who was also lovingly called Binx by her family. Binx joined the Ned’s Wish family on September 4, 2020 at the age of 10. When Binx retired, she fell in love with her family’s farm and was happy to frolic in its vast fields. Binx was a good mom not only to her pups, but also had a special connection with the baby calves. You will be dearly missed Binx, rest in peace sweet girl.

Beatrice family sent the following:

Binx came to live with us when she retired from the RCMP PDSTC Breeding Program. She soon adapted to life on the farm and adjusted to the animals that were already there: barn cats, cattle, donkeys, and elk. She was quick to learn her boundaries, and the does and don’ts. Her favorite farm time was calving. She loved checking out the newborn calves, and as the calves got older, they loved checking out Binx and following her around the pens. Binx loved doing chores, and sitting on the floor of our side by side trailer to make sure she got into each pen at feeding time. The last couple of years she figured out that it was more fun to sit on the ride mower as we cut grass, rather than following the mower. As Binx aged, her mobility, sight, and hearing started to fail, but she had done well for a 13-year-old German Shepard. She bonded deeply with our family and will be truly missed.

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