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Good News From Brando

Good news everyone!!!  Brando’s surgery went well and he is now recovering at home.  To save his life, Brando’s tumor was successfully taken out along with his ear canal.  While his inner ear structures were removed, his surgeon was able to preserve his outer ear, so he will be cancer free and will  continue to look distinguished in his golden years.  Although, Brando looks pretty bad-ass with his shaved head.  

 His human partner sent the following:

“.. Belly rubs and naps by the fire are in store for the next few weeks. 

Thank you again for the life saving support you have provided to my old partner.”

With your help we have raised $1295 of our $6000 goal, please consider supporting this distinguished hero and donate today to help pay for his entire surgery!  How can you say “no” to this face?