Thank You from Brando and Family!!

Thank You from Brando and Family!!

THANK YOU everyone for helping PSD BRANDO – our HERO of the month!

WE DID IT!!!!  Because of YOUR Generosity, we raised enough money to pay for Brando’s surgery in its entirety and we have some GREAT news to share with you.

Brando is doing amazing and his surgery site is healing incredibly well. Brando’s veterinary doctor reported that his histology results did not reveal any cancerous cells in the ear canal itself, which means that the cancerous mass was likely removed in its entirety.  The GREAT news is that the tumour hasn’t infiltrated the ear canal and so Brando should not require any further treatment.

Brando’s Handler wanted us pass on a message: 

” This wouldn’t have been possible without your generous support.  Because of Ned’s Wish, Brando will be with our family for many years to come.  Once again thank you from my whole family for the gift you gave us!

Zach and Brando”