Tribute to Hunter

Tribute to Hunter

We have some sad news as we tearfully say goodbye to PSD Hunter, Reg # 13106.  Hunter just turned 10 on March 3, 2023.

Hunter was a dual purpose patrol and explosives detection dog with the Vancouver Police Department.  He and his handler, Sgt. Ray Wong, faithfully served the city of Vancouver and Lower Mainland, keeping their residents safe.

One of Hunter’s career defining moments was when he located an armed drug dealer, who crashed into another vehicle and fled the scene on foot.  Hunter tracked and found the drug dealer hiding 30 feet high off the ground hidden in the branches of a tree.

Hunter will always be remembered as being on the lookout for new chew toys, with particular love for visitors’ shoes, hot off the heels of their owners.  Hunter used to sneak off with their shoes and chewed them all to pieces.

Rest in Peace Beautiful Hunter.

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