Tribute to Corbin

Tribute to Corbin

We have sad news to relay to the Ned’s Wish Family, we are deeply saddened by the loss of another Hero, PSD Corbin, Reg # 903.

Corbin was born in Innisfail, Alberta on August 5th, 2010 and would have been 13 years old this August. He began his career with the RCMP in Selkirk, Manitoba, but he was later transferred to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Corbin had an exciting  career and he was often assigned very high profile cases! He even got to work at the G7 in Quebec, going beyond his typical assignment and instead, ensuring national security. 

When Corbin retired in 2019, he moved to live with a family in a small lakeside community where his reputation of being a fierce police dog provided his new community with a sense of safety and peace.  Before Corbin’s arrival, they experienced some petty theft and small town crime on a regular basis, but once the word got out that there was a “Police” dog in the community, all that activity stopped! Even in his retirement, Corbin continued to serve his new community.  

His human family said that from the very start, Corbin was a rock star! He was very intelligent, he understood commands in both English and Cree.  His sophisticated nose led him to discover a new hobby:  to sniff out edible mushrooms, and Saskatoon berries for dessert, which he would top with some unsalted peanuts in the shell.  The pinnacle of his culinary adventures was the discovery of McNuggets from McDonalds. Corbin could spot the Golden Arches blocks away!!  And for any special occasion, like a birthday, Corbin loved to indulge with an icecream cake.  

In his free time, Corbin loved riding in the golf cart and searching for golf balls.  His family is heartbroken and his community is sad to lose their beloved protector.  Rest in peace brave soul, you will forever remain Ned’s Wish Hero.

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