Tribute for Arctic

Tribute for Arctic

Everyone has an Origin story.  While Ned’s Wish was founded in memory of PSD Ned, our first registered Hero was PSD Arctic, Reg  # 822.  At that moment he became a part of our Origin story.   Arctic was born on March 21, 2008, at the RCMP’s Police Dog Services Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta.  It is with deep sorrow we have to say goodbye to Arctic as he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and joined Ned to help him keep watch over us.

Arcic showed enormous potential from a very young age. He has been trained by, and worked with some of the best RCMP dog handlers to date, who are grieving his loss still.  

Arctic had a very successful career with the RCMP. During one of his first operational calls, Arctic’s nose led his handler to the discovery of over one kilogram of cocaine hidden in a secret compartment inside a vehicle.  However, Arctic’s superpower was bringing closure to grieving families by finding the remains of their loved ones.  Although not glamorous, his work was extraordinarily important, because Arctic helped the victims’ families make peace and move forward. 

Arctic was not all business all the time, he had a fun side that made his handler laugh out loud during training and operations alike.  Arctic retained his drive and traits that made him a great police dog throughout his retirement and into his golden age.  He kept a close watch of his home and family to the last breath.  

Rest in peace Arctic, and know that you are loved and will not be forgotten.  Thank you for your faithful service. You will always be our Number 1 Hero.

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