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Ned’s Wish Featured in RMO!

After working hard for years, all dogs that risk their life for others deserve a happy and fulfilling retirement. The Parks Canada Dogs should not be an exception! Ned’s Wish has enrolled the four working dogs into retirement!

These Park dogs have been involved in various high-risk activities such as taking down poachers, seizing narcotics, tracking missing individuals on drugs, and participating in helicopter rescues, including avalanche recoveries in dangerous terrain.
However, the retirement of these heroic dogs is often marred by the high costs of healthcare. Retired police, military, and Parks Canada dogs face financial challenges in affording necessary veterinary care. If their medical bills become too burdensome, it can severely affect their quality of life or even shorten their retirement years.
Brian Spreadbury, a retired Parks Canada warden, and resource conservation officer, adopted one of these retired dogs, Atar. He highlights that these dogs work tirelessly during their careers and deserve a comfortable retirement. Atar, a highly skilled dog, responded to numerous calls during his five-year career and required significant veterinary care in his retirement.

In honour of Spreadbury’s parents, a generous donation was made to Ned’s Wish, a charity organization that supports retired police and military dogs. This donation allowed Ned’s Wish to expand its mandate to include Parks Canada dogs like Leroy, the current search and rescue dog in Banff National Park. These funds will provide much-needed medical attention to retired working dogs, ensuring they have a dignified retirement.
Stacey Talbot, the president of Ned’s Wish and a retired RCMP officer, emphasized the disparity between retired human officers, who receive pension funds, and retired dogs, who lack financial support for their healthcare in their later years. Talbot’s involvement with Parks Canada dogs in retirement led to her commitment to helping these loyal canines receive the care they deserve during their well-earned retirements.

We are happy to have the Parks Canada Working Dogs as a part of our growing pack at Ned’s Wish!

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