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Gratitude for Nicky Wilmot

“Artists are among the most generous of people. Perhaps inherent in the appreciation of creativity comes a deep, underlying love of humanity and our Earth” – Kelly Borsheim

Nicky Wilmot is one of our donors, who continues to gift us with her talent by creating portraits of our fallen heroes.

Nicky most recently painted a portrait of Falk and gifted it to Falk’s family. Falk’s family shared how truly grateful they were to have Falk honoured in such a way.

Once again Nicky, your underlying love of our retired heroes and appreciation of their lives of service has brought healing through your art.

“There are truly wonderful people in this world” – Falk’s Family

From the tip of our valuable noses to the points of our wagging tails, we send you so much love and gratitude 💙