Tribute for Cain

Tribute for Cain

Today we would like to remember the life and work of PSD Cain, who passed away on September 17. During his eight-year career with the RCMP, late PSD Cain covered Vernon area while also working with the Emergency Response Team (ERT) throughout Southeast British Columbia. He was successful in catching a large number of suspects in a variety of cases. In his retirement Cain’s work habits remained as he kept patrolling his home and protecting his 3 girls.

From his Handler Kevin Rutten:

Cain was an excellent partner and friend and kept me safe more times than I can count. Cain was highly intelligent and was easy to train . He had a good nature and loved people, especially children .

I kept Cain in his retirement and he adjusted well. He was an excellent companion and protector for my children. We are still learning how to manage without him. Cain was a huge part of my life for a long time and was there for all of my children’s lives. There is a big void in our home since he left us.

We love you Cain . We will miss you. We won’t forget you.

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