Kye’s Update

Kye’s Update

It’s been a PAW-FULLY long recovery for our brother and retired hero Kye…

We know you have all been waiting to hear some news about our retired hero Kye and where he is on his journey to recovery. Well the one thing we like to share about our retired heroes is their NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE and Kye is the perfect example of this!

We also know it takes a village to support our “Cause for Heroes with Paws” and thanks to our partnership with Back on Track 

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Kye’s bed has Heat Therapy with Far Infrared (FIR) . The far infrared waves generated by these textiles penetrate into Kye’s body tissues and stimulate blood flow to accelerate his healing process.

With the help of his special bed, Kye is getting back to his old police dog self!

Kye’s handler shared, Kye is always watching and always by my side. We are forever grateful!

Ned’s Wish is so grateful for Kye’s recovery, Back on Track and to everyone who has supported and loved Kye back to health.

PS: Spoiler alert KYE is in our 2024 calendar!!!