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Tribute to Hooper

Everyone who has ever owned and loved their pet knows the pain of losing them. The bond between a police officer and their four legged partner is difficult to understand for some, and even harder to describe, but we believe that this connection is deeply felt by both the human and the canine.  It shapes when you spend more one-on-one time with each other, than with your loved ones.  It is formed when you are having a worse day, and the dog is there to listen without judgment or impatience. This bond is forged when you ask your four legged partner to face a dangerous offender and the dog does it with gusto and no hesitation, all the while you pray that the pup does not get hurt. It is when your dog throws its body between you and the bad guy, so you can go home safe to your human family.  It is also made through hours of patient training in all weather conditions, many tail wags, kisses to you and your kids, howls, songs, barks, daily discoveries and years of adventures.  No two dogs are alike and no two bonds are the same, so when this bond is severed, the pain of the loss is deep, leaving lasting scars. With that, we are saddened to announce the loss of PSD Hooper on December 30, 2023. Our hearts go out to Hooper’s handler and family.  We feel your pain but we also celebrate the life of this magnificent hero, Hooper.  Rest in power brave soul.

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