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Tribute for Cezar

Ned’s Wish mourns another loss to the pack, PSD Cezar, who passed away on October 31, 2023!  His family wrote:

It is with a very heavy heart that I’m reaching out to let you know that Cezar passed away this morning. Unfortunately he had a terrible flare up of his arthritis and the vet doubled all his meds and it gave him slight relief but he was in so much pain that he couldn’t walk or lift his head. He still loved to eat and have treats but otherwise he cried every time he moved. I’ve been away from home for 2 months and just arrived home late yesterday. I’m so glad I was here with him, and he did a little prance for me yesterday when I got home. It’s a really tough day here but I wanted to let you know about his passing. Thank you so much for everything Ned’s Wish has done for us, you are amazing!

“Cezar was a dedicated member of the Edmonton Police Services and the Ontario Provincial Police Canine Units. An amazing partner to his handlers Adam (from Edmonton and his first handler ) and Cory (from the O.P.P. and his last handler) Cezar retired in May 2022, and stayed living with Cory and his family. In retirement, Cezar enjoyed watching the deer, taking walks, going to camp, swimming, Timbits and ice cream. Despite retiring, Cezar continued to show his searching skills by tracking down lost golf balls and baseballs on his daily walks; on his best day he found 10 baseballs and 1 golf ball. The baseball teams were very excited to get their lost balls back and were very grateful to Cezar. The Parrish family feel quite blessed and grateful to have had Cezar in their lives and will miss him dearly. Please give your pets extra love each and every day.”

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