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Tribute for Uno

On October 30, 2023, we lost one of our oldest members of our pack, PSD Uno.  While we all know the love we feel for our pets, only dog handlers experience that special bond that tether them to their PSDs.  This bond is formed when they spend more face time, than with their loved ones.   It is made through hours of patient training in all weather conditions, many tail wags, kisses, howls, barks, daily discoveries and adventures. It is strengthened when the handler is having the worst day of their life, and their canine partner is there to listen without judgment or condemnation. This bond is forged when the handler asks their four-legged partner to face a dangerous offender, and the dog does it with no hesitation or fear, all the while the handler holds their breath and prays that their PSD does not get hurt. It is when their dog throws its own body between them and the bad guy, so that the handler can return home safely to their family.  Your loss is deeply felt dear Uno, even months later, but you will forever remain in our hearts.

Uno’s family sent this on his last day with them:

This morning we said goodbye to our beloved, amazing hero, Uno. The last couple of days he was struggling to get up and walking was difficult due to his hips. This morning I had him across the street to his field for a last session of chasing the chuck-it ball and he was in his glory. Brushed him out and he was soaking up the sun before we headed to the vet. We knew he wouldn’t live forever, but he will in our hearts ❤️. Uno was exactly fourteen years and five months old today. We were so very blessed to have him and the void he has left is enormous. The memories, though, are absolutely endless and wonderful.

Here was Uno in his prime. He was amazing. Over 300 captures, hundreds of evidence finds and countless drug finds. On top of that, he was a gentle boy who was used in numerous demos and school visits. As much as I loved him at work, he made an even larger contribution to our family and life at home.

Thank you, and all of your team, for your support and help a year ago when Uno had his surgery. As heartbroken as we feel right now, we know we did right by Uno and the pain we feel with the kids will be replaced with pure gratefulness ❤️🙏

In the memory of…

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