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Tribute for Boss

Friday, February 2nd we said our final goodbye to Boss.  PSD Boss had a remarkable career as a Patrol Dog / Explosives Detection Dog and as a family member.  He served the city of Saskatoon from 2013-2020. He assisted in over a hundred arrests, located key evidence, and located several missing / distressed persons.

There were many incidents that stand out for me but one in particular where I believe if he weren’t with me the outcome may have been very different.

One night, while working we attended a Break and Enter in progress. It was a busy night and we didn’t have back up with us.  We started tracking a suspect and encountered him in an alley.  He had a duffel bag with him and he was not readily willing to put it down. He was showing signs that he was preparing to fight and was fidgeting with the bag.

We approached him and I warned him if he did not cooperate I would send my dog. I gave Boss his watch command to elicit a bark and see if that would get compliance. Thankfully it worked, he slowly put the bag down and gave up.

We safely took him into custody. We then found he had a loaded semi automatic firearm on him.

On a lighter note, Boss once while doing an explosives search left a “bomb” in a famous country singer’s manager’s office. They had to evacuate the office and bring in Industrial fans for an hour to clear the air.  A year later, working with another police agency this “story” was told to me as the word had apparently spread. I sheepishly acknowledged “ya that was my partner.”

Boss retired in 2020. He adjusted well to his new life. He was the “Boss” of the house. He demanded his meals on time and would do things on his own terms at his own pace.

He was a sous-chef in retirement always helping in the kitchen waiting to taste test to make sure dinner was on point.

He loved the lake and to dive off the dock and swim. He was a celebrity among all of the kids at the lake that would drop in to our place.

He was so friendly, but yet had an intimidating presence for those that didn’t know him.

Now the house is very quiet without him and his “big” personality.

He is greatly missed but we will never forget him and the great times we had together.

We want to thank Ned’s Wish and the volunteers for helping him get the best care possible so that he could have a great retirement.

We also wish to thank the Western College of Veterinary Medicine for their care.

Special thanks to Dr. Jordan Woodsworth who for years cared for Boss and continues to care for our Service Dogs.

In the memory of…

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