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Gratitude Alert!!!

We are pleased to share that PSD Hammer’s surgery and care have been paid for in FULL because of your generosity and support. Hammer’s recovery is going well, he got his appetite back and he even went for a short walk with his human mom and dad. Hammer’s human mom said that he is back to his old self of being underfoot all the time..

A very special THANK YOU goes out to the National Policing Federation Pacific / North division, the RCMP community and all the wonderful human hearts that have donated. We are humbled by your outpour of support for Hammer. With your help we have reached and even exceeded our fundraising goal! But never you fear, your generosity will be paid forward to another worthy retired hero just like Hammer. Thank you.

A message from Hammer’s Family:

Thank you so much to Ned’s Wish and everyone who donated or reached out to us. Hammer is on the mend now and we’re all looking forward to enjoying his retirement!