Tribute for Fonz

Tribute for Fonz

Anyone who has ever had a dog, knows that their only fault is that their lives are shorter than humans’. We are sad to announce that we lost another Ned’s Wish hero, PSD Fonz, who passed away on Jan 20, 2024 at 4:10am. While his passing over the rainbow bridge was rather sudden, leaving his family heartbroken, they know and take solace in that Fonz did not suffer.

Fonz was born at the RCMP’s Innisfail kennels on April 12th, 2013. He was part of the Integrated Police Dog Service in the Lower Mainland. During his career as a PSD, Fonz was partnered with two different RCMP handlers, working the areas of New Westminster, Burnaby and North Vancouver.

Fonz was a cool dude who always found ways to amuse himself by rolling on the grass and throwing his own ball in the air. In his retirement he loved sitting on the docks and quietly monitor passing ducks, people and their shenanigans. He would, however, try and bark at the incoming waves.

Rest in power and in peace Fonz. You will always remain a Ned’s Wish Hero.

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