Tribute for Ozzy/Danny

Tribute for Ozzy/Danny

Ned’s Wish was saddened to learn of the recent passing of PSD Danny, #939.

Danny was born Sept 7, 2011, from the RCMP breeding program.

He commenced his service in 2012 with his Human partner Cst. Dave Ross, who ensured Danny was set up for nothing but success in his police service dog career.  They began their partnership at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre (PDSTC) in Innisfail, Alberta and graduated together in April, 2013 before heading to Moncton to work.

In June 2014, Danny tragically lost his partner Cst. Ross in the Moncton shooting.  As Danny was still a very young and talented police dog in the early years of his career, Danny was re-teamed Sgt. Kris Chornomydz, and subsequently renamed Ozzy.

Danny – now Ozzy – served together with Sgt. Kris Chornomydz in Manitoba and then later in Nova Scotia until Ozzy’s retirement in 2017 when he was placed in his ‘forever home’ with the Byard family. Ozzy enjoyed his retirement by jumping right in as a full member of the family! He claimed his spot right in his parents’ bed, where he had no trouble sleeping every night! Sleeping was a bit more challenging for his family though, because Ozzy snored! He also loved to jump up onto anyone sitting down to give them a great big kiss!

He was an outstanding canine partner, serving in three separate Divisions for two dedicated handlers.  He had a highly successful career in detection and tracking and helped protect the communities he worked in.

Comments from the Ross family:

“Dave loved Danny and they were a great team.  He was very proud of him and grateful to have such an awesome dog to start his career with. One of his son Austin’s first two syllable words was Danny.”

From Sgt. Kris Chornomydz:

“Ozzy was like Sydney Crosby (NHL) no one got away from us. I can’t even give you a number of people he caught. He was a really special dog.

The longest track we had was in rural Manitoba. 14.6 km, stolen quad. Has caught multiple armed robbery suspects. Integrated with Manitoba and Nova Scotia ERT. He was a rockstar!

Ozzy was a special working dog and was not ordinary!

Ozzy retired in 2017 and was rehomed with the Byard family.”

From the Byard Family:

“Our family’s life changed the day Ozzy walked into our house.  Some rough starts,  but Ozzy right away became the dog everyone would want.

We had an older shepherd at the time.  We thought this was going to be an issue.  Within 3 days they were best friends and brought so much joy and fun to us.

Ozzy has always been my wife’s shining armour.  She would not do too much without Ozzy with us.

He sure was an excellent friend to our family and will be missed.”

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