Dag Update

Dag Update

From Dag’s family:

We would like to thank both Ned’s Wish and the Caron family for the amazing support of Dag throughout his surgical recovery and into his early retirement. 

Dag spends most of his days keeping a watchful eye, inside the house, on his retirement family and their many curious friends/supporters. 

Although Dag is starting to adjust to a slower pace life style (ha not really) he is beginning to appreciate the finer things in life such as his first dog bed, his introduction to mountain biking / fat biking, his constant cuddles and of course, more free access to his trusty Kong. 

We look forward to meeting others’ in the Ned’s wish community at future events. 

Thanks again to Stacey (and the Ned’s Wish team) for what you do!  

Dag’s Update

Dag’s Update

Good News Alert!

PSD Dag has received a life saving surgery and was doing well the next morning.  Dag’s bloodwork is looking good and both of his chest tubes have been now removed.

Dag didn’t skip a beat and went back to being a police dog, searching and clearing his medical facility, while still wearing his bandages.  Rest assured, all the staff and other patients are safe under his watchful eye.

Dag also discovered that he has acquired a new superpower that was magically derived from a new cone he grew around his head overnight.  He is now known as MegaDag!