Atar, Regimental #706

Atar, Regimental #706

Ned’s Wish is excited to welcome Parks Canada (PC) K9 Atar, reg # 706, as an Honorary member of our pack. Atar was one of Parks Canada dogs, who responded to over 304 calls, had two successful avalanche recoveries, and a number of successful narcotics finds for the local RCMP Detachments in Banff and surrounding area. While Atar may no longer be with us, his legacy continues with the new generation of PC K9’s who will be welcomed into Ned’s Wish family upon their retirement.

Atar was born in the Czech Republic, imported to Canada and trained at Kennels. He was an operational RCMP Police Dog before re-teaming with Park Warden Mike Henderson in the summer of 2006.
Atar was a high drive dog with superb tracking and searching skills. It’s fair to say his abilities were such that his handler was the true benefactor of this team. Warden Mike Henderson learned the finer details of dog handling, especially tracking, feeding off Atar’s ability and confidence. Thanks to retired RCMP SGT Phil Graham and retired Staff SGT Warren Gaines for an excellent training summer. The team graduated from the RCMP Dog Training Centre in August 2006, heading back to Banff and were immersed into operations immediately. His very first call was a missing person who fled down one of the lanes of the Banff Springs Bowling alley disappearing from the building. A difficult track to start for sure!

Atar’s career in Parks Canada went from August 2006 to Spring 2011. During his tenure, Parks Canada was still working through the Warden sidearm issue. This left the team with limited law enforcement duties, however they worked hard to fill the gaps making progress on Parks Canada and local RCMP files. As well,his motivation to work and accuracy in his profiles quickly translated into success and a strong sense of trust within the Banff Visitor safety team.

  • Highlight calls of Atar’s career included:
  • Avalanche recovery Third Sister peak above Spray Lake.vHelicopter sling access in difficult terrain with objective hazard, Atar’s speed on this search resulted in his very quick find, drastically reducing the teams time in this hazardous location.
  • Successfully pursued a day-old poachers track to locate the shell casings on a sheep poaching near Highwood Pass.
  • Track, locate and bring to safety a naked drug using male in thick brush in a grizzly bear warning area.
  • Avalanche Search on Frisbee Ridge, Revelstoke at the “Big Iron Shootout” Snowmobile event.
  • Atar responded to 304 calls to service during his career. He had 2 avalanche recoveries, numerous successful files and many CDSA (narcotics) finds for the local RCMP Detachments.
  • Atar retired to Pincher Creek with Brian Spreadbury and Patti Brosoky, who received him with a hero’s welcome. They made his retirement years incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, truly honouring his years of service. Thanks Brian and Patti!!

We are pleased to welcome your spirit to Ned’s Wish Family Atar! Will will remember and honour you forever.