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Bandit, Regimental #347

PSD Bandit had an exciting career! He searched most if not all of the 747 Planes at the Toronto Airport searching for explosives! That wasn’t his only specialty, he was also used to search for drugs, contraband, and was even used for crowd control!

Bandit retired to a new family after his very full career was over. In his new role as family dog he had many new adventures, often blurring the lines between his old job and his new one as a pet! On one occasion, the family’s regular mailman became too sick to do his route, so the post office sent a strange man out of uniform to deliver the mail to Bandit and his family. No uniform, no credentials, just a newspaper to deliver? Likely story! Bandit kept guard of his family, knowing all too well that though this mailman may be the real deal, it’s an all too common tactic for criminals!

On another occasion, his new family took him to an outdoor music festival to enjoy the fun and atmosphere. Whenever a song would end and the crowd would start applauding, Bandit would start barking and would get a weird stance! His new dad called his former Handler to ask what was going on, and his former Handler burst into hysterical laughter! As a former crowd control dog, Bandit was trained to start his work when crowds would start cheering and applauding. He was waiting for dad to let him go so he could start containing the music festival!

Bandit had a wonderful retirement with his family, though he did suffer from injuries in his lower end that likely came from searching all the overhead compartments in planes.