Berkley, Regimental #1522

Berkley, Regimental #1522

Retired PSD Berkley, Reg #1522 is a sweetheart!  She loves her ball and in her retirement she adores couch snuggles.  She has a beautiful companion, retired PSD Paco, with whom she loves to play and then apres-play snuggles.  Berkeley is known for her long, loud sighs when it’s time to get up in the morning.

Berkley has a great nose, but she hates flies or any bug that comes near her, including those human-controlled “drone” bugs.  So loud!.  

Berkley worked for Calgary Police Service for almost 6 years, putting in a lot of miles searching for human remains.  She worked on a few high profile cases in Calgary and in other jurisdictions.  Berkley was paramount in the recovery of a missing woman, who was found buried in her own backyard.  PSD Berkley also played a part in locating women who were killed near Salmon Arm, BC in 2017. 

She loves a ball, any ball. Ball is life!  Life is ball!  She currently gets all the balls she wants but because she was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis she has to limit her play time running to retrieve those balls.  Despite this, Berkley has been enjoying her retirement immensely! Welcome to the Ned’s Wish Berkley!


Tribute for Berkley

We are very sad to report the passing of CDD Berkley, who lost her battle with lung cancer on April 24, 2023. Berkley joined Calgary Police Service in 2015 as a Cadaver Detection Dog and completed hundreds of search hours during her working time. Including high profile missing persons and major cases. Berkley retired in September of 2020, and it took a little bit for her to embrace retirement. She lived for playing fetch with a ball, “Ball is Life” and she loved to cuddle with her family on the couch. She was just shy of her 10th Birthday. Her