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Boss, Regimental #K9-13

While PSD Boss isn’t the boss of the house, he sure is the boss of the kitchen. Boss does not like missing his meals. He stomps around and flops himself on the floor huffing and groaning until it’s meal time, so you get dinner and a show but in reverse order!!

Boss joins Ned’s Wish after a successful 6-year career with the Saskatoon Police Service.

During his service, Boss and his handler were awarded the Chiefs Team Award, after successfully tracking armed robbery suspects for over 100 kilometers!!! Toward the end of this epic pursuit, one of the suspects fled on foot. NOT on Bosses watch! Boss tracked and apprehended this suspect as he was attempting to commit another breakin to avoid being found and captured. Can’t run and can’t hide from PSD BOSS!!!

During his retirement Boss can be found in the kitchen, an hour before dinner time, ensuring that his owners don’t miss it. If they are late, Boss will be sure to remind them by charging and barking at them. Every family needs a boss and Ned’s Wish is very happy to have found one for our family. Happy to have you among us Boss!


Tribute for Boss

Tribute for Boss

Friday, February 2nd we said our final goodbye to Boss.  PSD Boss had a remarkable career as a Patrol Dog / Explosives Detection Dog and…Continue…

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