Cezar, Regimental #8510

Cezar, Regimental #8510

If you were to ever find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere, you would hope PSD Cezar was assigned to find you, because he is an expert tracker.

Cezar joins the Ned’s Wish family after a successful career with both the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) for the first four years, and then the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for the last 5 years of his service. In Ontario, he was assigned to the District of Thunder Bay. Cezar was a very focused and dedicated police dog. He very much loved going to work, loved training, and loved driving around in the police vehicle.

PSD Cezar stood out from his peers specifically with his excellent tracking abilities. While serving with the OPP, he was part of numerous tracking cases. In May 2019, Cezar saved the life of a lost elderly man, who wandered away from his vehicle in a remote area north of Nipigon. Cezar picked up and tracked his scent for 4.5 km and found the man in the bush and down a steep, and wet embankment. The man would not have survived had Cezar not found him.

Cezar was called in to track down another elderly man who was lost in his old hunting grounds, after being missing for more than 10 hours past his expected return. Cezar was able to track the man for 7.5 km into the bush, thus allowing for his safe return home completely unharmed.

Cezar also tracked a woman that was involved in a domestic incident with her ex-husband. When the police arrived, she fled the residence on foot. Cezar was deployed, and tracked her scent for 2 kms before finding her hiding in the bush.

In his retirement PSD Cezar traded his passion for tracking to protecting his family from suspicious looking furniture. He finds foot rests with cloth covered feet particularly menacing and makes sure to shred every single one in the house, to be on the safe side. Cezar is also discovering the joys of lounging in multiple dog beds and playing with his many dog toys. But being a well disciplined dog, he also makes sure that his humans know that he eats at exactly 7am and at 5pm and woe to the human who forgets!

With his super sensitive nose, Cezar has designated himself to be his household’s sensory scientist. He will stick his nose in his humans’ dinner to give it a good sniff (no need to taste it with his super nose) just to make sure it’s safe to eat: who knows what those footstools may have been up to!

Ned’s Wish is incredibly honoured to have Cezar join the Ned’s Wish family and we hope you all love him as much as we do.


Tribute for Cezar

Tribute for Cezar

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