Charger, Regimental #7

Charger, Regimental #7

When PSD Charger was called to a case you knew, no matter the circumstances, you were going to get a favourable result. Born in Germany in 2010, PSD Charger would go on to serve with the Guelph Police Force, as well as assisting the OPP, Waterloo Regional Police, and Brandford Police.

Charger’s career was filled with a plethora of successful assignments, but here are some that really stood out to us. Charger was called in by the OPP to track down three suspects who were linked to an armed car jacking.

Charger, in -31 degree weather, tracked down and apprehend all the suspects. Another successful operation consisted of Charger tracking a suspect 7.6 km after he fled a traffic stop. Charger was also an avid participant in community activities, whether it was visiting schools and being a role model for the canine program in his city, or being present for the detachment’s open house programs.

Charger’s impact on his community and the future of policing in his area cannot be understated. In his retirement you can find Charger singing for his neighbours, making sure they all know he’s coming out for a walk. Ned’s Wish is honoured to welcome this hero to our family.


Tribute to Charger

Charger arrived into our family in July 2011… he was a presence that few could ever measure up to! Dedicated working partner, happy family pet, boisterous playful a real gem….I recall shortly after Andrew brought him to our home watching Charger bounding across the solar blanket… what a lot of splashing and thrashing he made making his way across but as determined as he was he did not quite make it… and ended up splashing and flailing til Andrew grabbed his collar and rescued him..but then he learned to swim and loved the water! Charger was the perfect partner for