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Charlie, Regimental #891

There are some bonds between dogs and their humans that can only be described in books. This is one of those stories. PSD Charlie was raised and trained by Cpl. Jason MUZZERALL and then continued serving with him throughout his career in Thompson, Manitoba and Happy Valley, Goose Bay, Newfoundland. Charlie has recently retired after spending his entire life with his best friend, Cpl. MUZZERALL. After spending every minute of his life, training and serving with Jason, Charlie is now retired with him and his family and has now claimed the family’s couch for his own. Charlie will celebrate his 10th birthday on March 13.

Throughout his career as a PSD, Charlie has been involved in several drug raids and assisted in missing and murder cases, where evidence or remains have been located. All of this hard work has left him with some wounds, and came at a price. Charlie was responding to a call in Northern Manitoba on a cold winter day, but he worked through the cold, which caused damage to his ears because of frostbite. Charlie also developed allergies and needs special food to keep them under control. Charlie, loves to hang out with his human brother, Jason’s son, and was lovingly nicknamed by the family the “little Wolf”. Welcome to Ned’s Wish Pack Charlie.


Tribute to Charlie

We are very sad to announce the passing of another Ned’s With Hero, PSD Charlie. His family sent the following: It is with a heavy / broken heart that I inform you that Charlie passed over the weekend in his sleep. He was at home surrounded by family. He was a good police dog, a great companion and a loving family pet and friend to the end. He will be deeply missed by my family and those that knew him as a strong police dog and my companion. He was loyal and always there for me when I needed him.