Chevy, Regimental # 887

Chevy, Regimental # 887

Chevy is a Police Service Dog who was born into the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Program in
Innisfail, Alberta. He was born on May 7, 2010 and worked his entire career in Saskatchewan with Sgt.
Grant Hignell. Chevy mainly worked out of the Regina area which covered from the USA border all the
way north to Saskatoon. He also helped out in other areas of the province.

In March 2015, there was a missing suicidal teen that Chevy helped locate. The teen’s family had
searched the area, but Chevy and Sgt. Hignell searched it again. Chevy’s excellent tracking skills led him
to find the teenager who was huddling at the base of a tree in the cold.

In November 2015, Chevy assisted Estevan Police Service in searching a wooded area for someone
reported missing the previous month. The Estevan Police had previously found some human remains.
The location had been searched by volunteers and police and nothing more turned up. When Chevy was
brought in to help, he quickly found more remains and clothing. The remains were later positively
identified as the missing person which brought closure for the family.

In 2016, Chevy was diagnosed with a sciatic nerve in his left hind leg. Medication did help him, but
during periods of strenuous activity, such as running very hard, Chevy would pull up lame. He was
subsequently retired.

Now that Chevy is retired from police work, he has had to find new ways to entertain himself. For
example, when Sgt. Hignell is cutting the lawn, Chevy drops his ball in front of the mower so Sgt. Hignell
has to stop and throw the ball. This adds an extra 20 minutes to the job, but it makes Chevy very happy.