Dave, Regimental #927

Dave, Regimental #927

While all the heroes at Ned’s Wish have very unique personalities and interesting stories that come with them, PSD Dave’s story is extra special. Just like his K9 partners in the force, Dave excelled in all sorts of situations, whether it was using his nose to search out suspects, or his agility and strength to subdue them.  His abilities allowed him to work alongside the Emergency Response Team as well as the Marine Operations Group. 

We could go on for ages about all the interesting things PSD Dave did throughout his career, but with the help from his handler we’ve narrowed down some of the best ones for you. With the Marine Operations Group PSD Dave was routinely deployed for drug interdiction missions, as well as maritime assault missions.  While working with ERT, Dave was able to successfully track down and safely apprehend the person who shot a BC Transit Police Officer. Where Daves story becomes extra special is when he tracked down an innocent victim of abduction, torture and extortion. The victim was dragged one kilometre into the woods and left   tied up to die.  Dave was able to track down the victim, saving his life, with only a few hours to live.  That person is now Dave’s new owner.  Even in his retirement, Dave continues to provide an invaluable service of safety, security and comfort to his new owner.

Daves service with the Marine Operations Group translated into a love for swimming in his retirement life.  However, while he may have been an incredibly tough dog throughout his career, Dave also wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to cuddle with his owner.  We hope after reading this brief biography about PSD Dave you love him just as much as we do.  We are proud to welcome this hero to Ned’s Wish!

Tribute for Dave

Ned’s Wish wants to honour the life of our Legendary Hero, Retired PSD Dave, Reg # 927. While PSD Dave was Alberta bred in Innisfail as part of the RCMP program, he served most of his career in British Columbia.  Dave was born on January 15, 2011 and was a giant of a dog with a huge personality.  Dave and his handler were trained and specialised in both the Marine Operations & Emergency Response Team (ERT) and they were routinely deployed on drug interdiction & maritime assault missions.   Where Dave’s story becomes extra special is when he tracked down an