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Dirks, Regimental #936

Dirks was born on August 28, 2011 at the RCMP Police Dog Services Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta, however, he spent his career working in BC. Dirks worked with his handler, Const. Dan Cloutier, in the both the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, and the BC South Peace Region in Dawson Creek and surrounding areas.

On the first week of the job, Dirks was called out to find a discarded firearm that had been used in a homicide and he found it in just minutes! He was known to be able to track suspects for over eight kilometers, often in difficult winter conditions. One time he tracked a suspect and found him hiding in a creek. The suspect attempted to drown Dirks but Dirks managed to hang on to the suspect until his handler could take him into custody.

Dirks love of finding things is not just limited to police suspects. He also loves to find, dig out and carry sticks! No stick is too large for Dirks and he will proudly show off each and every oversized log he manages to recover.

Dirks is carrying out his retirement in Dawson Creek with his former handler. Unfortunately, Dirks is showing onset signs of arthritis and reduced mobility due to his many years of hard work. He also suffers from food allergies, which limit him to a strict raw food diet.