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Dux, Regimental #0941

PSD Dux was born in Innisfail, Alberta on September 30th, 2011. He and his Handler, Cst. Hubley, had an amazing career that took them from Prince George, BC, to the Halifax Integrated Police Dog Service, and even to the Halifax International Airport!

Dux specialized in tracking and bomb detection. His tracking skills are so finely tuned that he could find absolutely anything! His bomb detection was so strong that he even found a live explosive while on duty – which is particularly rare for police dogs! Both of these talents earned him the chance to work the Canada 150 on Parliament Hill and the G7 in 2018. On his very ;st shift, he located a missing hiker who was so grateful that he made a donation to the SPCA in Dux’s name!

Now that he is retired, Dux has become very concerned with making sure he has as many toys as possible at all times. At any given time, you can find five or six different toys on his bed that he will happily cycle through! While he still lives with his former Handler, his retirement boss was his sister Koda, a border collie that bossed him around!

Retirement has been very challenging for Dux. In addition to having a skin condition, he develops blisters between his toes and on his skin that require steroids every few months. He has been suffering from a great deal of anxiety as well, especially since his border collie sister Koda passed away and left him to figure out how to be a pet all on his own.

Tribute for Dux

Ned’s Wish would like to honour the life of the late PSD Dux, Reg # 0941, who passed away on September 8, 2022.   Dux had a phenomenal ability to track, he could find your lost car keys at the bottom of a gross city sewer, if needed.  Dux also had the explosive profile, he was of the rare number of dogs to have located a live explosive device in Prince George, BC. Dux also attended Canada’s 150 celebration on Parliament Hill and the G7 in Quebec. On his last shift, Dux tracked and found a lost hiker, who then donated