Ejay, Regimental #972

Ejay, Regimental #972

Ejay was born on August 31, 2012 at the Police Dog Services Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta. He and his Handler, Cpl. Gawne were posted to Strathcona County where they served for roughly five years. The pair were then transferred to Lethbridge, Alberta where Ejay worked for the remainder of his career.
Ejay’s career was full of excitement, even more so because on top of his regular duties he was also trained to attend calls with the Emergency Response Team. In one of the many high-risk calls Ejay attended, he apprehended a suspect hiding out in an oil shed near Hinton, Alberta. The officers found a loaded shotgun beside the suspect, which he never got a chance to use thanks to Ejay!

Ejay is a very big thinker. Cpl. Gawne says that you can always see him in deep contemplation, and that whenever he is looking at somebody or something, he takes extra time to cock his head and think them over! He is very calm but nature but is still enthusiastic about his Kong toys!

Immediately after his retirement, Ejay went in for surgery on his right hind leg. A career of very hard work had taken its toll, and Ejay had snapped his ACL. He is recovering well but the injury will require ongoing maintenance and care.

Tribute for Ejay

It is with profound sadness that we share with you the news of the passing of our fallen hero PSD Ejay #972. Ejay served for five years in Strathcona County before being posted in Lethbridge for his remaining career. Ejay was described by his family as a rock for them and will be dearly missed by us all. From his Handler/Family He was an amazing dog and we were so lucky to have him.  I think of all the times on calls that we went on and all the good work he did it amazes me. Getting to hang out