Freddie, Regimental #979

Freddie, Regimental #979

In her 9-year career of Federal policing with the RCMP in Ontario, General Duty Dog Freddie attended every high-profile dignitary visit and assisted on numerous terrorism cases in an explosives detection capacity. She supported ITF (Immigration Task Force), CDT (Controlled Delivery Team for drugs), and ERT (Emergency Response Team).

Freddie was up for anything – jumping through school bus windows, charging across precarious sway bridges, searching entire sports arenas for explosives – anything to catch the bad guy! Despite being so tough, people marveled at her composure and beauty.

Like many powerful ladies, she was consistently underestimated but never failed to over-deliver. Intelligent, joyful, positive; steady and constantly reliable, General Duty dog Freddie was her team’s North Star!

Freddie embraced retirement, but she loved her job so much that even in retirement she would still howl every time she heard a siren. She re-lived the good old days by chasing the lawn tractor or engaging in a nice slow stalk of an unsuspecting bunny.

Freddie continued to stay active throughout her golden years. The only thing she loved more than getting muddy and covered in burrs was swimming like a fish! Her family and neighbours got used to her carrying her floaty toy on every walk, just hoping to stumble upon a lake! The only thing she didn’t like was long walks in the rain!

Everyone welcomed her when she moved indoors with her family, including the cats – although they learned quickly to stay out of the way of her crazy-strong tail that could chuck them across the room in one swipe. She enjoyed sleeping on her parents’ bed and took comfort from carrying her favourite lamb stuffy around in her mouth.

Freddie loved to sleep with her chin resting on one of her toys – right until her final breath. She passed away surrounded by her loved ones, and her favourite toys. Rest in peace, Freddie, and thank you for your service.