Gerry, Regimental # 691

Gerry, Regimental # 691

You may have wondered about one of the iconic pictures of a dog featured on Ned’s Wish website, laying next to his handler’s high brown boots at a Remembrance Day ceremony?  It’s not just a generic ‘stock’ photo taken off the Internet; in fact, it is a photo of late PSD Gerry, and we are honoured to immortalize his image.  Gerry’s picture is also featured on the Ned’s Wish minivan and on Ned’s Wish event tent.

Gerry was a German Shepherd who was born in the Czech Republic on June 13th, 2003.  He immigrated to Canada as a pup and later trained at the RCMP Police Dog Training Centre in Innisfail, AB.  

PSD Gerry was posted to work in Surrey, BC where he remained for his entire career. He was responsible for many successful captures and thoroughly enjoyed working with Surrey’s (anti) Auto Theft crew.  Gerry was also responsible for catching many people who illegally snuck into Canada across the nearby US border.  Once, while tracking two such suspects, Gerry waited for his handler to enter a deep creek before jumping on his back and invented a new form of ‘body surfing’ to get to the other side!  Why get 6 feet wet when 2 will do?    

In 2010 Gerry received multiple nominations for Police Officer of the Year for the annual Surrey Detachment Awards.

Much like his handler, on his days off, Gerry was never off duty.  On two separate occasions while walking in his neighborhood, he located and captured thieves who were actively stealing from neighbour’s vehicles.   Not in Gerry’s backyard you don’t!

After retirement, Gerry enjoyed sleeping in his handler’s house, as opposed to an outdoor kennel.  One afternoon, when his handler left a prime rib roast on a metal spit lying across the kitchen sink, Gerry took advantage of his indoor access and “liberated” the roast. The handler was in the basement when he heard loud bangs at the back door.  Upon investigating, he found Gerry trying to force the too-wide spit through the dog  door!   We reckon that the prime rib was guilty of just sitting there and Gerry was attempting to release it into the wild.  What a character! 

Gerry passed away in 2014, after enjoying three wonderful years of retirement at his cabin on the lake.  Now you know the story behind the picture.  We are honored to have Gerry represent Ned’s Wish.