Gibson, Regimental #1009

Gibson, Regimental #1009

Every single one of Ned’s Wish dogs have distinguished themselves with not only their personality and their achievements, but also with their dedication to their jobs.  However, PSD Gibson takes the cake!  Gibson is a special dog who has truly experienced all the RCMP has to offer.

Like some of his other colleagues, Gibson has worked with the Lower Mainland District Tactical Troop and served on several callouts including the most recent Canada-based G7 summit in Quebec.   Gibson later trained and deployed with the LMD Emergency Response Team, assisting them in many high risk calls throughout the Lower Mainland.  Gibson is part of only a few RCMP trained dog teams that respond to avalanche search and rescue calls and as such has been involved in many rescues, assisting in locating people lost in fatal avalanches and providing closure for the families, while minimizing the risk to human rescuers.

What makes Gibson extraordinary is that after surviving life-saving surgery and removing an aggressive form of cancer and his spleen, Gibson was given only weeks to live.  Unaware of his diagnosis, Gibson had other plans, which included him recovering and returning to work.  His mission was to serve and protect his community, and that’s exactly what he was going to do, rain or shine.

Gibson returned to duty in early November 2021, and on his second day back he tracked and apprehended a fleeing suspect.  During the weeks leading up to Christmas, Gibson continued his success tracking down criminals, searching for evidence, and keeping his community safe. Gibson showed no signs of slowing down and thoroughly enjoyed every one of his french fries as his favourite reward for success!  In December 2021, Gibson was awarded his very own Commanding Officers Award for Bravery in his role in tracking down and apprehending two armed suspects, who had committed robberies while discharging firearms and locating all evidence relating to the offence.  This had to be one of his more memorable files for sure, earning himself a great heap of french fries! It seems like a small price to pay for such a distinguished job.


Goodbye, Gibson

On October 10th 2021 Sgt Dale Ristau was away with his family for the Thanksgiving weekend, including his partner, 7 Year old Police Service Dog Gibson.  During the trip Gibson became ill and was rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic on Vancouver Island.  There, it was discovered that Gibson had a rupture on his spleen causing massive internal bleeding and required immediate surgery.  Despite the blood loss, Gibson survived the surgery, but his family was warned there was a high likelihood that the rupture was caused by cancer of the spleen, a disease which has a terrible long-term prognosis.  The