Grinder, Regimental #1023

Grinder, Regimental #1023

PSD Grinder is known as a successful tracker and has located several people throughout his career with the RCMP!

Grinder was born on March 5, 2014 in Innisfail, Alberta. He began his career in Kamloops, BC and was transferred to the Lower Mainland where he finished his career with the Integrated Dog Service.

One of Grinder’s greatest achievements was tracking 3 lost hikers (mother and 2 children). It was during Autumn and the temperatures overnight were hovering around 0 degrees. The mother became disoriented as to her whereabouts with all the fallen leaves around her. Eventually, the children became tired, darkness had set in, and the trail’s visibility no longer existed. Grinder was able to pick up their scent near their vehicle and pursued it through some very difficult terrain to navigate. Eventually, Grinder located the family and approached them in a very gentle matter. As cold and tired as the children were, they were very excited to see Grinder. Grinder and his handler were recognized for this event and were awarded with a medal of meritorious service along with a commissioner’s commendation.

Grinder also served with the Emergency Response Team and has been involved in several high- profile investigations. During his day job of assisting the General Duty Officers, Grinder was responsible for the apprehension of countless criminals.

As much as Grinder loved tracking and searching for people, he absolutely loved attending schools and public events. He loves to interact with children and continues to enjoy playing tug of war. As tough as Grinder is, he absolutely loves playing with his kids.