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Hunter, Regimental #13106

PSD Hunter is neophile; he is always on the lookout for new chew toys and has never owned a blanket or bed (for long) in his life because of his bad boy behaviour.  Hunter’s owner has had to hand over his credit card number several times to people who have visited the house as Hunter has a habit of sneaking off with their shoes and chewing them all to pieces.  Hunter is living proof that police dogs have personalities too!

Hunter was a dual purpose patrol and explosives detection dog for the Vancouver Police Department. The majority of his work was in the city of Vancouver, but he was routinely called upon to assist in other jurisdictions throughout the lower mainland.

In one of his most notable days at work, Hunter pursued a drug dealer in possession of a handgun who had been involved in several pursuits over a period of a few weeks throughout the lower mainland.  His vehicle was spotted in the early morning hours in Vancouver, where it crashed into a civilian vehicle.  Hunter tracked and located the male hiding 30 feet high off the ground and concealed in the branches.  Trees don’t stop a true Hunter.  Well done!

Honoured to have you with us!