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Deny, Regimental #934

PSD Deny was born in Innisfail, Alberta at the Police Dog Training Center on September 30, 2011. He has worked in a number of different locations throughout his career with the RCMP. In 2013, he was posted to Red Deer, Alberta and then to Thompson, Manitoba in 2019. He retired this year in June!

Deny had such a wonderful career! He has been said to have used his high energy to assist in search and rescue operations for missing persons, and has assisted in capturing a number of suspects who were involved in criminal activities. One instance where he assisted in a search and rescue operation was in Sundre, Alberta in April 2019. Deny and his handler assisted in the search for a missing hunter who was 3 days overdue. The team was able to cover 22km before successfully locating the hunter who was found safe!

Deny is known for notoriously barking loudly at bikes, cars, and anything else that he doesn’t agree with! At the same time though he can be a practical joker with his ferocious bark.
He absolutely loves seeking out the biggest sticks he can find to carry around and playing fetch with all of his favourite toys!