Timber, Regimental #8884

Timber, Regimental #8884

Ned’s Wish is pleased to introduce and honor OPP General Service Dog Timber! A handsome black German Shepherd, GSD Timber was born in the Czech Republic in 2009, and started working with his K9 handler PC Kelly and the Ontario Provincial Police at just 1½ years old.

Although based in Sault Ste. Marie, GSD Timber spent his 7-year career covering an immense service area in Southern Ontario, from the Algoma District to wherever duty called.
Not only did he have an outstanding nose for narcotics detection, Timber was also an excellent tracker. Despite frigid conditions and pounding rain, Timber and his partner were able to track a despondent individual who had taken an excess of pills and fled into the bush. Thanks to Timber’s fast and precise work, the individual was located – unconscious and in distress – in time to get medical attention. GSD Timber saved his life!

During a pursuit of a violent offender in Wawa, GSD Timber tracked the subject through swampy country to a set of railroad tracks. The track lasted through the night, for many miles, before the subject was eventually located concealed among the railway cars. The subject got one look at GSD Timber and surrendered immediately!

Timber was the utmost professional, even when antagonized. While actively pursuing a track in Thunder Bay, a large dog appeared out of nowhere and made a charge at Timber. Without breaking stride, Timber GSD gave a menacing growl to the other dog, as if to say: ‘Do you mind?! I’m busy’. He maintained his focus, refusing to be distracted by the potential threat.

Although GSD Timber was a serious police dog, he seemed to have an “on/off” switch and could change on a dime. As a working dog, he never cared much for human affection, but in his later years he came to appreciate that maybe it was his turn to be cared for, and would bury his head between his family’s legs and demand attention.

He took a well-earned retirement in September 2017, but never stopped living his life as a devoted, fearless, and loyal companion to PC Kelly. In his 14th year his hips got bad and old age came on strong. He never surrendered and spent his last day being pampered and enjoying lying on the lawn in the sun with his handler and friend.

Timber passed away peacefully with PC Kelly at his side on 23 October 2023. May this hero Rest in Peace.