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Tito, Regimental #811

Tito is a purebred German Shepherd and was born on May 30, 2007 in the RCMP Police Dog Services kennel in Innisfail, Alta. PSD Tito served with his handler D.H. Sutton on Vancouver Island.

Tito has tracked numerous prolific offenders over his years of service. On one occasion an offender led Shawnigan Lake members on a pursuit and foot chase which ended in Tito successfully tracking and getting the bad guy!!! Tito with his highly trained explosive profile searched vehicles, hotel rooms, luggage and aircraft associated to important dignitaries such as the President of the United States, The Prime Minister of Canada, the Emperor of Japan, and Governor General.

In his retirement, Tito lives with his ex-handler and his family where he enjoys (not) sharing bed space with his humans, and satisfying curious cravings nibbling on Dove soap and playing in the mud.

Tito suffers from Osteoarthritis, causing the cartilage in his joints to deteriorate and inflammation that affects his bladder control.