Viper, Regimental #K9-16

Viper, Regimental #K9-16

Ned’s Wish would like to honour the life of the late PSD Viper, who was registered with us after his sudden and unexpected death on July 15, 2022. 

Viper was an 8 year old Malinois born in Belgium.  Viper was raised and trained as a pup by Cst. Miklautschk, after which, he was selected and entered the Saskatoon Police Training program along with his partner Cst. Gelowitz.  Viper was trained in General Duty and later was also certified as a Drug Detection Dog.  At the age of six he was re partnered with myself, Cst. Rainville. 

Although Viper received excellent vet care and regular vet visits and checks, it was found after his death that he had a tumour on his spleen that burst. Viper showed no signs or symptoms or illness and not long before he passed he even deployed on a high risk track that lasted six hours and covered over 10 km’s not showing any signs that he was ill.  He was one of the best tracking and searching dogs that I had seen over my career.

PSD Viper had a very successful career, and some highlights of his career were the tracking and apprehension of two homicide suspects in two separate incidents.  He also recovered a weapon suspected to be involved in another homicide.  PSD Viper also had success as a drug detection dog.  Viper loved to work but also loved to chill out at home with his family on days off and loved his trips to the lake.  He wasn’t the strongest of swimmers and kind of resembled a cat when he swam, but he loved the water and his favourite toy was his Kong or any ball for that matter.

To those that didn’t know him that well, he was sure to let them know how close they were allowed to get to him, and it was on his own terms if he wanted to become your friend.  For those that were fortunate to get to know him, he was very playful, goofy and affectionate.  He is greatly missed by his family and former partner and co-workers.

I am so fortunate and thankful that I had the opportunity to be his partner, he will be greatly missed, but fondly remembered. R.I.P. my friend.

Special thanks to Dr. Woodsworth and the other Vets and Vet Techs from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine for their ongoing care of our Police Dogs and Ned’s Wish for the special tribute.