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Alpha, Regimental #426

Alpha by name, alpha by attitude! This canine crusader showed his Victoria Police human partners what he could do on his very first call for service. When other means did not allow police to subdue a belligerent intoxicated man causing extensive damage in downtown Victoria, Alpha moved in. Even though the offender repeatedly punched Alpha in the head Alpha held his ground, allowing the suspect to be taken into custody.

In another notable case, when a man was slashed across the face and he and everyone in the area refused to cooperate with police, Alpha went on the hunt and found a bloody knife. DNA analysis proved the blood was the victims and other DNA identified a suspect who was convicted of the crime.

As a dog who’s used to action, in his retirement Alpha occasionally gets a little cabin fever and zooms around the house, crashing into walls and sliding on floors – maybe to improve his lap times? Like most retired police dogs, Alpha loves his Kong toy, but perhaps uniquely has also developed a taste for Tim Horton’s Steeped Tea. If in his presence, don’t leave your cup unattended!