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Arry, Regimental #620

With all due respect to Star Trek’s Commander Riker, Chatham-Kent Police Service Dog Arry is more deserving of the title “Number One.”  Arry wasn’t just a contender at police dog competitions, he owned them!

Between 2015 and 2018, Arry won 15 first-place finishes in such disciplines as criminal apprehension, obedience, searching, tracking and agility.  Oh, and for good measure, he was top Rookie Dog in 2015 and Top Apprehension Dog in 2018.  When he wasn’t scoring Top Dog for fun Arry was working his tail off.  Just look at these statistics:  over 700 canine searches, 75 criminal apprehensions, 4 firearms recovered, over $120,000 in drugs found and more than $10,000 in stolen property reclaimed.

Ned’s Wish is proud to welcome this hero to our family!