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Boris, CPS Regimental # 1711

Ned’s Wish would like to welcome our recent addition to the family, PSD Boris – a Belgian Malinois, who was born in the Netherlands on July 19, 2015. Boris immigrated to Canada where he trained and worked for the Calgary Police Service.  At 60-pounds, Boris may not have been the biggest general duty patrol dog out there, but he hit like a 90-pound German Shepherd, and was laughingly but affectionately known by those who worked with him regularly as “The Borat”!!

PSD Boris was a dual-purpose patrol and drug detection dog. Although he was dually trained, his real passion was for locating and apprehending offenders. PSD Boris served Calgarians for 5 years. He was involved in arresting over four hundred offenders with his human partner until they both got to retire together. One of his many career highlights for Boris was tracking and arresting an offender who assaulted a police officer. Boris now enjoys the retirement life with his partner.

While he was still on the job, Boris and his handler and the tactical team were called into action one night following a report of a suicidal individual with a firearm who was texting family and threatening to do himself in. Officers arrived covertly on the scene, ensuring that their presence did not escalate the situation. Monitoring the situation for a couple of hours, the suicidal male at one point walked out into the yard of his home in just his boxers, having left the shotgun in the house. Standing in his yard, he suddenly reacted, obviously having realized there was a significant police presence outside, and bolted for the house. Non-lethal rounds were used to try to prevent the individual from getting back in the house where the shotgun was. At the same time, Boris was released. Boris stopped the distraught male right in the door frame of the house. The non-lethal rounds may not have stopped the guy, but Boris sure did! There was little doubt that Boris, through his actions, saved the man’s life, and possibly those of the police members who were on scene. Hopefully the guy subsequently got the mental health help that he needed.

Boris was also known to be a tracking “son-of-a-gun”. One winter evening he was involved in tracking a suspect who had bailed out of a stolen car in a Calgary neighbourhood. The drug addict was definitely high on something as he was running and jumping fences like an Olympic athlete. Although he was initially seen from a distance of about 60 meters, the combination of old sun-crusted snow, pavement and concrete and a myriad of fences made tracking conditions less than ideal. The HAWCS police helicopter flying overhead wasn’t having any luck spotting the guy with it’s airborne technology. But Boris kept on tracking, and he and his handler went fence hopping for about an hour. Video surveillance footage from neighbourhood security cameras later showed that Boris was only a few minutes behind the suspect the whole time. Finally, while tracking through yet another backyard Boris suddenly hooked right and caught the suspect who was hiding under a BBQ cover. One in custody. The next day Boris’ handler was stopped by the Calgary Chief Constable as they passed one another in the office. The Chief said he’d heard the chase over the radio the previous evening and had been sure the guy would get away. But no one had told Boris that. He just got the job done!! Proud to welcome you to Ned’s Wish family Borat, oops Boris!